Saturday, January 7, 2012

a year of arty gestures...

yep - you read right

starting tomorrow I'll be making/posting one arty gesture each week of 2012

My 'an art gesture a day' month-long challenge was a total revelation to me and since completing the month of daily arty gestures I've been keen to return to the process and idea - but in a more manageable form - soooooooo..... each week during 2012 I'm planning to find a few moments to undertake an arty gesture and every sunday for the next 52 weeks (eg all of 2012) I'll (hopefully) post a pic (or series of pics) of the results.  

No promises mind you! (that way there will be no pressure and no disappointment).

I hope you'll drop by tomorrow or some other sundays throughout this year

ps - after a marathon effort FP has completed a lovely path to the studio today so everything is on track for a May bookworks studio opening (fingers very much crossed!)



  1. Great idea (especially the no pressure/guilt) look forward to seeing your arty gestures!

  2. Lovely idea ronnie! Sounds fun, but I know I couldn't do the "no guilt". Good on you!!!

  3. ambitious, but do-able. great, great about your studio!!

  4. That's a commitment I admire! I'll check in each week to admire the artwork.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx