Friday, January 6, 2012

book fair (summer edition)

Rotary book fair

(I love book fairs!)

Bega's book fair is far more chaotic 
(and subsequesntly more charismatic and charming)
than many of the BIG affairs 

and the folk are used to me

"Hey Ronnie you've got to see the box at the back - 
its sooooo YOU!

(yep - it was)

 (I can't resist a box of encyclopaedias.... and while I like all encyclopaedias 
I must admit to having an ongoing Brittanica crush...)

After I have secured all the encyclopaedias in the hall 
in what you can only call a one-girl-encyclo-tornado
my beady book-eyes start to seek out other booky treasures...

oooooo look - a box of similiar sized somethings 
with curiously attractive mottled page edges...

 something with the word 'art' in the title...

a curious book cover...

 mmmm pretty pages.....


oooo looky a whole pile of books on BIRDS


yep I'll take the lot!
 ahhh then we turn out attention to the eternal problems-

how many books can my car hold before it breaks?.... 
and how many more books can I squeeze into my sheds 
before they simply BURST?!



  1. oh happy day! So much future fun in that lot!

  2. "My name is Ronnie. I have an addiction. I buy old books..."


  3. hee hee hee! (I don't think I'm game to ask if there's a 12 step program)

  4. I am soooooo jealous!
    I may have a teeny unresolved problem with gathering used books myself!

  5. That's what I call a shopping "high" worth reaching!!!

  6. yeah, i think i'm over the book acquisitiveness, and then another book creeps in and there i am again.

  7. Looks like another fine haul! Well done! What would Rotary do without you?


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx