Monday, January 9, 2012

occupy cobargo (gnomes unite)....

 no, this is not my handiwork....

apparently the Bega Valley Shire Council 
- owners of this maganificently manicured and maintained vacant lot - 
are quite up in arms about the 'public hazard' blah blah blah 
and have even called the local constabulary .....

hee hee heee

 you gotta love a small town...


  1. I favour a gnome-led insurrection.

    Gnome characters are vital, cheeky yet a little unreliable. The creatures in your image may disappear from time to time.

    Gnome-onics: The path of virtue. An alternative currency devoted to the liberal singing of songs in the wee small hours in exchange for services rendered.

    Gnome-alia: A revolutionary sub-set of Gnome-arics, the leading sect, entirely devoted to watercolour rendering of gnome features.

    Gnome-uterex: A study group dedicated to concrete formulae, used to make gnomes and other objets d'art pur la gardaine

    Gno-all: A breed of Gypsy gnome. Although many gnomes are largely stationary in habit the Gno-all have discovered that gnome sequences are variable - and that gnomes DNA can be emailed to foster families. Gno-alls are reknowned for their massive gno-ledge and tendency to recite, by wrote, large tracts of old books no longer in print - close to sunrise.

    Gno-its: A breed of gnome not known for their humility. Gno-its are have wireless internet connection embedded in their beards - and heads up display - allowing them to Google anything at any time. They will speak to small children - and can recite any book back to front - front to back or alternate pages on demand.
    Fro more information on Gnome classification - ask Ze Frank.

  2. hee hee heeee ! GG you win the prize for the VERY BEST EVER COMMENT left on my wee blog.... I think I'll have to go have a lie down after all the gnomey-ness of today!

  3. very much enjoyed the gnomenclature and explanations

  4. here i am, struggling with the word cobargo, and some genius brings up gnomisms of every sort! egad. i can't wait till i get to australia! do i need to bring my own gnome?

  5. hee hee heee - oh I hope you will find lots to love in this big 'ole island V (and fear not! we have ample gnomes to gift to newcomers hee hee hee)

    ps my little part of the island has some delish-ous place names - most are indigenous words.... narooma, bermagui, tathra, tanja, bemboka, bega, pambula, tilba tilba, moruya, kameruka, meriumbula, quaama..... these are all towns within an hour (or so) drive of my little creek... and if you think the names LOOK good - you should hear how they SOUND (ps most aren't pronounced how you'd expect - eg quaama = KORR-MAR)

    have I piqued your interest in a side trip up the coast Velma? (oooo I do hope you get to see lots of the real heart of the place - outside the cities there's colours and flavours of oz that most of our own population don't ever encounter..... sigh)

  6. Hehe, it goes well with the disabled toilet and the now defunct 'Great Sandy desert'


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx