Monday, October 24, 2011

a rose is a rose is a rose...

three beauties from the garden

 (david austin 'eglantyne' if I remember correctly...)

I can't remember the name of this stripey show off....

or this delicious deep, dark red 

(I seem to remember that one of them is called 'scentimental' 
but I can't remember which!)

the dark red one has the yummiest scent... 
mmmmmmmmm - wish you could smell it

I'm done with exegesis writing for the time being..... 

and I'm getting my body back into the studio 

(too much difficult writing does not a happy ronnie make)



  1. The striped one? Hard to say for certain, but possibly Rosa gallica versicolor, known as "Rosa Mundi."
    If so, descended from cuttings those nasty crusading knights stuffed in the luggage.


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