Tuesday, October 25, 2011

and another zine (not yet seen)...

 here's the third in my ongoing zine series... 

'Book culture'

(featuring a detail of  'Navigo')

 inside features a mini print of  'Ex Libris'

  turn the page for a small view of 'Fahrenheit 451'

(a little flotilla of encyclopaedia boats from my ephemeral work at SotE)

this zine is archival inkjet
on 160gsm recycled paper
  edition of 50
 it's A4 - folded to 10 x 10.5cm
and comes in a DL envelope (100% recycled paper)
This is the third in a small series of related zines 
(the smarty pants in the crowd may notice 
that this one has a different orientation to the other two...)
and like the other two it has a pithy booky quote 
ps I have popped some zines in the mail today for those of you who put your hands up
so keep your eyes on the mailbox!


  1. Blog follower here. Love what you do - the content, format and experimentation. I work primarily with books and am now focusing on rusting, burning, historic bindings and zines. Singular focus - just can't do it! Anyway, just started a zine group and wonder if there's a group or trade venue in your neck of the woods. Love what you're doing with this one. Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    My question, what exactly is archival inkjet?
    x te

  3. hey hollis - no I don't have any zine groups or zinesters around these here parts - the only zine collective I'm aware of is sticky institute in melbourne (http://www.stickyinstitute.com/) I happened to walk past their small but enticing shop a few weeks ago but it was past opening hours (bummer!) then a few days after almost getting into sticky I met one of the forces behind the institute - as I attend a talk he gave as part of 'impact 7'..... interesting stuff! I think what I get up to is waaaaaay outside the zine culture proper.... I just make funny little zine-type booky things.... maybe you can get something going in your neck of the woods?

    and trace - about archival inkjet (I really should write a post about this shouldn't i?....) without going into too many juicy details - inkjet printers fall into two camps really - the day-to-day business type (cheap ink, for quick and temporary printing) and the 'arty' type ($$$$ ink, higher quality print heads for higher quality prints) many of these 'arty' inkjet printers (my terms! not what how the manufacturers describe them!) use inks that manufacturers have tested for their archival qualities - meaning lightfastness and hue stability as well as acid content..... an archival inkjet is one that the ink/printer manufacturers claim will not change over a specified period (anywhere from 75 - 200yrs minimum) often archival inkjet prints are alternatively labelled 'giclee' (but that's a whole other story for another time eh?) ... I use an Epson with inks they claim are 200yr+ archival ..... I'd like to hang around to check out that claim!

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    thanks for your response. I am going to check out Sticky Institute (love the name). I too am outside the generally perceived zine culture. I just like making art in my book format. A very low end aspect of my artists books. Started a zine group but hard getting them motivated. Thanks for your feedback and again, thanks for sharing your work. Love it!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx