Wednesday, October 19, 2011

another zine (in between)...

I've been so tied up with writing writing writing (ugh ugh ugh)

I clean forgot to share the little zine I made from my art-in-res stint in Byron Bay

'Book Passions'



 lift the page for another interior double spread


the little zine is archival inkjet
on 160gsm recycled paper
very limited edition of just 20
 it's A4 - folded to 10 x 10.5cm
and comes in a DL envelope (100% recycled paper)

This is the second in a small series of related zines 
'Book Passions' features ephemeral bookworks and pics from my stint
as artist-in-residence for Byron Bay Writers Festival 2011
along with another pithy booky quote

ps I don't have an online 'shop' or anything so I'll need to mention the practicalities here

All the very limited edition little zines are $4.50 ea plus postage
(they are a standard letter size)
drop me a line to organise the high finances!


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  1. oooo; yes please! I have paypal; will email you (if you have any left that is?)


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