Friday, June 10, 2011

wild and woolly winter weather....

Its been very wintery here at the creek (and in surrounding places!) this week. Yesterday and today snow/sleet/ice intermittently closed the Snowy Mountains Hwy between Bega and Cooma. It's cold and wet and woolly weather everywhere around here.

(from a high point near the Bega water tower,
I spy wet weather..... Brown Mountain off in the distance is covered in cloud....)

In Bega today (grrrr... my 'oh-damn-we've-run-out-of-food-and-shoelaces' trip to the BIG shops that happens once every 10-14 days)..... Bega - population 4000 is certainly no city but it is more than 10 times bigger than my little town of Cobargo .... and has 1000 times the population of Sams Creek! I collected my latest order from Candelo Books - Book + Art by Dorothy Simpson Krause, and a newer title - Book Art  (published this year by Gestalten - this book features art made with/from books - delish!)

oh and yesterday another booky treasure arrived in the mail from Bruges - Yves self-published delight - 'Thoughtful Gestures - the calligraphic art of Yves Leterme'

mmmmmm new books for a wet long weekend... perfect!

and perfect for a little celebration - after a very cold, wet day yesterday spent in a grant writing workshop (which was EXCELLENT I must say - small wave to Ben from Regional Arts who guided us all through the minefield of arty grants). I came home to a welcoming email from East Gippsland Art Gallery - my booky entry has been short-listed for their biennial National Book Award.... yay!

(ps I can't show you pics of the work selected... yet... as the short-listed piece is my 'paper wrestling' book for bookartobject - and the BAO peeps haven't got their book from me yet! I'm waiting for 'something' to arrive so that I can post them out to you all... sorry for your wait...)

oh and talking of BAO peeps - I heard on the fb grapevine that at least one other BAO creature has had a piece shortlisted for the award as well - double yay!

ahhh the fire needs another piece of wood - and the chilled kidlins will soon be home from school - the new books will have to wait for a while longer....


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  1. Great pic Ronnie, captures the chilly air beautifully.
    And congratulations on your short listing for the National Book Award, well done!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx