Tuesday, May 24, 2011

recent reads...

Candelo Books, my local independent bookseller, loves me...... loves me I tell you!

I'm always ordering books, books, and more books (it's one of my weaknesses.. but I don't count it as a vice). I thought I'd share a couple of my recent purchases...

Masters - Book Arts is from Lark Books -  so you know it's going to have lots and lots of delicious images.... American book artists dominate (and there are some notable omissions... and interesting inclusions) - but it was nice to see lovely pics of books by Adele Otteridge.
My verdict? its well worth the under $30 price tag

I've found the Green Guide for Artists by Karen Michel a real revelation.... fascinating ideas for making your own non toxic art materials and rethinking the sustainability of certain common arts practices..... (and I love the profiles of various ecologically conscious artists in the back of the book)....

Given that we have a girlie who has rather nasty allergies to chemicals (applying even so-called 'hypo-allergenic' sunscreen to EJ's face can end in a hospital visit) - I've become increasingly aware of chemicals in the home and studio and have set about minimising what nasties I use.  I've been slowly yet radically changing my arts practice over recent years..... I've given away certain materials completely (all solvent-based paints and cleaners for a start) and I'm questioning many, many others (all paints worry me... I mean have you read the ingredients? eeeek heavy metals... weird polymers....). And what about the manufacturing and distribution of art products? It's all a worry to me.  It just strikes me as a bit hypocritical to use unsustainable or environmentally suspect materials (not to mention the highly toxic damn stuff) within an arts practice, all the time trying to live a life that is environmentally responsible (I don't think all my organic home-grown vegies would make up for naughty art products). Hmmmm... I hadn't planned to chat about the environmental sustainability of art materials and practices right now.... lets just say it's something I'm giving constant thought to presently as I try to find a path I'm comfortable with... and it's a topic I'll no doubt return to at length sometime...

Maybe after I read a few of my other new books -

I've heard very interesting things about Post Carbon Reader 

(ps if you follow the link you'll end up at the post carbon institute - a very interesting webby place indeedy.... from here you can freely download quite a few of the chapters from the book)

I haven't had the opportunity to get into this book yet ...

or this ....

 Radical Homemakers (again - follow the link to the site..... it's all good...  trust me!)

ahhhhh I just need a few more hours in the day (I'm currently reading stuff to write more of my exegesis... )

ahhh well - I'll get there...



  1. I love that chook-in-the-shoe! Bloody brilliant!

    and I'm emailing you a link

  2. Am a book nut too Ronnie. I have the collage book of the 'Masters' series... great read and soooo inspirational.

  3. I have the Masters of Book Arts too and I really like it. I agree, there are some surprising omissions but I really enjoyed seeing some new peeps. And I especially liked the fact that the book gives a few pages to each artist, not one or two. Gives a much more full view of their work.

  4. Just sent this to twitter Ronnie!


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