Saturday, May 14, 2011

new things....

Blogger's little hissy-fit over the last few days ('what? you want to post a story? I don't think so...') has meant I've held off telling you all about my great new thing.... yep, this week I gots meself a smarty-pants phone ....

view through the bamboo to the Kooraban National Park....
taken with the new smarty-pants phone and retro photo app hipstmatic

I DID have a mobile phone waaaaay back in the early 1990s (you know the sort - they were the same size, shape, weight and functionality of a brick) but since that monster muscle-building Motorolla I've been mostly mobile free...

Now that's not to say I didn't dream (ahhhhh when I read reports years ago of a smarty phone in development by a fruity little computer company I developed an instant crush..... I was teaching in local high school at the time and nerdy kids would tease me mercilessly about my crush on this little yet-to-be-released gadget.... the 'i-phone'..... ) but I honestly couldn't justify getting one....


(I've got a lot of 'projects' in the wings at the moment - and a bit of mobile action will certainly help me stay on top of things... like who's collecting the kids after school!)

I'm having a blast fiddling with my newest love... so you'll all have to put up with me discovering things that most of the rest of the connected world discovered ages and ages ago.... (like hipstamatic.....mmmmmmm LOOOOOVE hipstamatic)

this was the first piccie taken on the new gadget- using hipstamatic 
(mmm LOVE hipstamatic) 
this is without a doubt my favourite ever piccie of EJ.....

Retro Sass 
(mmmm LOVE hipstamatic)

I'll try hard not to bore you all stoopid with my i-phone chatter ... and pics!

I promise



  1. You and Barry are putting us to shame. Such wonderful new technology!!! Have fun.

  2. Hipstamatic is really cool, hope you'll share lots of mobile pics with us. Enjoy your iPhone!

  3. Gorgeous photos :-) I was saving for an iPhone but my bicycle gave up on me so the whole fund went on a new bike. So I'll have to start all over again. Let us know if you find it to be a useful organisational tool.

  4. I don't really need one either, but must say the new ones are slim an' sleek!
    But I think I'd whinge for a Rebel before a phone. ;-)

  5. you go, girrrl! i love your kid's faces.

  6. The more you have it, the more you realize how GREAT it is, the more you question how everyday life was possible without it, the more you know you could never go back....
    I LOVE my iPhone!

  7. Hey Ronnie -have fun and waste a lot of time (my motto - you're never alone with an i-phone!). Barry has been doing inphoneogrpahy whilst we were away - his blog shows lots of cool apps as well ( Enjoy!

  8. OK, I think Steve Jobs is actually the devil in disguise and I hate all things Apple and will NEVER EVER buy an Apple anything ESPECIALLY not an i-phone but... what is hipstamatic when it's at home? Not that I'm EVER going to get an i-phone on which to use it, you understand - I'm just curious! (And it looks like LOTS of fun!)

  9. hee hee hee - your comments made me giggle the most sara.... I had moments of de ja vu (ronnie v/s the high school nerds - I used to tell the nerds that I wouldn't touch a PC 'cause you get cooties from PCs'.... hee hee hee.... they didn't believe me and have gone on to 'great things' in computer programing... sigh)

    and given that I'm a novice at all smarty phone things - I'm not sure if i-phone apps (like hipstamatic) work on other non-apple devices (like android smarty phones)...... if anyone knows please pipe up - I'd like to know too... hipstamatic is way cool man (in a far-out, retro, brady bunch kinda way) fun fun fun for all the family

    **ps my daddy - liking the looks of my new gadget, rushed off to get himself a matching one.... he got it home, and found out that he got a lemon rather than an apple..... so I suspect he ALSO think Jobs is the devil in disguise right now... hee hee hee heee... (I'm still grinning and playing)

  10. R- great that you have a 'smarty pants' phone - I think you could become a little bit hooked. You have now joined the global iPhoneography movement. I look forward to more of your 'apped' shots. I find it is a fun creative thing. Go well and enjoy. B


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx