Sunday, May 8, 2011

mumma's day 2011

I'm not a hallmark card-carrying sucker for artificially created gift-giving moments.... so today was not a day filled with expensive gifts and gestures - and anyway -  there's no way I could possibly give my mumma what she deserves. You see - I happen to have the world's very best mumma...

mummy and me - cobargo debutante's ball - 1971**
mummy is wearing a red and glittery silver tight mini dress with long glittery silver gloves
corrrrrr - what a looka!
mini me is wearing a look of total adoration....

Growing up I didn't always appreciate my mumma's special qualities. My mum worked full time (in a town and a time when NO mothers had a job outside the home) Not that this was her choice - and no, it wasn't because she was pursuing a glorious profession or career - my mum worked 6 days a week packing shelves and serving customers in my grandparents general store. More than anything in the world my mum wanted to be a full-time stay-at-home, bake-the-dinner, clean-the-house, make-everything-from-scratch MOTHER..... instead.... for most of my early childhood, my mum was the family's main breadwinner. On top of her very physical job, mum helped on the family farm, and helped to care for her parents, she did all our family's cooking, cleaning and housework,  she knitted, crocheted and sewed almost all our clothes and STILL found the time and energy to cook and volunteer her time with almost every community group you can think of.

My mumma is a spectacular baker of cakes and slices, a meticulous crafter (you name the craft - she will be just about the best you've ever seen), and in her youth was an incredible athlete (she was the fastest runner in the district ... ever.... and at 15 years old, she almost equalled the Australian record for 100 yards). Yet she's very modest and has the incredible ability to understand and empathise with all people. She can strike up a conversation anywhere and in a heart-beat will make life-long friends. She's really quite amazing - in an understated, under-rated kind of way. I always say - if you want to see what selfless giving and unconditional love look like - it's my mumma! (oh and she's also beautiful and brave, hardworking and strong, super sweet and kind, generous and loyal, tiny and terrific!)

My mumma is without a doubt the world's best mumma (a completely unbiased opinion of course. My mumma is my hero.

I am fortunate that we only live a few kilometres apart and I either see or speak with her almost every day. I can't imagine life without her.

I wish everyone had a mum like mine.

**Even though this piccie is 40 years old - everyone would still be able to recognise my mummy: she has the same hair style and colour (with only a couple of grey strands.... unbelievable) and could probably still squeeze into this tiny dress (unbelievable)


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time, one to write from your heart and two to share it with others
    How I would love to be able to write a life story for my mum (what is stopping me !!!) after all I did know her a good part of my life :)
    Please give you mum the biggest hug and squeeze from me
    Always a treat to share life with you Ronnie
    LOL Roslyn Fruit Fairy

  2. Ohhh! So lovely! Your mumma is very beautiful. I love her outfit in this piccy. Would love to see the glittery bits in colour sometime too;)

    Happa Mother's Day, Ronnie and to your lovely mum - the world's most wonderful bus driver!

  3. rhonda, this is perfect. if my mom had lived, i would have written something very similar. but i did have her for 21 wonderful years. we are lucky daughters!

  4. Wonderful to feel the connection and love between you and your Mum. Great to see old photo too. You were a cutie Ronnie.

  5. Gorgeous pic Ronnie!
    And what a life well lived... still no doubt your mother is just as involved as ever.
    Now its all about the "get away", taking time out, fulfilling one's dreams and more.
    It's humbling to remember this picture of life. I've got a Mum who would relate well to your mother's life...
    precious .... women who know how to pack it all in to a day... keep their chin up... and keep it all moving!

  6. What a lovely photograph and a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother. How great that you are able to see each other so often.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx