Wednesday, August 12, 2009


phew - it's been a long day - on the computer and NOT in the studio as planned (grrrrrrrr!)

but I've finally made those changes to my bloggy space here muted ages ago... and as a part of my creative flurry I made a little something for the new blog over at book art object

(I'm about to write a little story about the creation of the title design over at Book Art Object)

BUT mostly I wanted to write a quick note to pass on the good karma....

you see a couple of days ago I was startled by Carol of Barnacle Goose Paperworks who mentioned me in her 'karma friends award' post.... goodness! I'm rather clueless and gormless in these things - but as I think I'm meant to pass it on, it does give me a great opportunity to mention one blog and person whose blog has really made a substantial change in my little creek world - so I'm handing on all the love to SCB at Double Elephant and I'll happily tell you why...

In my earliest forays into the blogospere I stumbled over Double Elephant and all the booky goodness it contained. I've been a regular since my first visit for there I sensed a shared passion for all things booky - and I was right! (don't you love those moments!)....

One of the hardest things about working in a regional area is the sense of distance and isolation - sometimes it's so difficult just to track down reliable resources - and here is where I owe SCB a great big bloggy hug - a recent post on Double Elephant lead me to a great supply of bookcloth and all other things booky (wheeeeeee!!!! oh the joy!!!). Via Double Elephant I've discovered a world of lovely booky bloggers - and I'm looking forward to getting to know a few of those a bit better via the book club that has come together as a result of some of that Double Elephant energy and foresight....

and in my books that's a whole lot of good karma floating around in the blogospere - thanks SCB

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed the karma and I can't think of a better person for you to pass it on to. It really is good that we are extending our relationships with other binders in Australia and Double Elephant has gone a long way towards making that happen.


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