Saturday, August 8, 2009

book art object... eeeeek!

A short time back I answered the call of fellow blogger SCB at double elephant to join a 'book club' of sorts.... in this case the club was not so much about sitting around the fire discussing a chosen text as it was about MAKING a booky arty object in response to a chosen text....

well that sounded very interesting and all that to me

so I put my hand up - of course not thinking about time, or texts or anything really except - wouldn't it be nice...


as of yesterday it's all systems go - with a dedicated blog: 'book art object'.... a set text: the poem "Learning Absences" by Rosemary Dobson... a deadline (of sorts): earlier December (well maybe not a final deadline).... and eight, count 'em 8, warm bodies who have their hands in the air like me.... (I wonder if they, like me, are now going 'GULP - what have I done?!')

shhhhh don't tell anyone - but I'm actually quite excited about digging my artistic teeth into very very new territory - and a committment to create an edition of 9 (count 'em.... eeeeeeek) books.

stay tuned here or here!

(hope you like the narcissus from the garden here at the creek... an early spring gift)


  1. I'm going Eeek too! (just so you know you're not alone with the general "gulp" feelings) Sara :)

  2. Yep, me too. "Gulp!" Scares me but I promised myself I'd do some challenging things this year and I'm very happy that Sara has prompted this little adventure. Think of it as one book, you just make it nine times. Hmmm.... some desperate thinking to be done, ideas to toss around, mock ups to be made. We'll have fun.

  3. Seems to be rather a lot of eek-ing and gulping...
    But I came by to says conrats on Herstory. I've just read an email from Robert Heather. Now I'm eek-ing again, because I'm the pygmy in this Book Art Object venture.
    I'm just glad most of my exhibition commitments will be over by then!

  4. Oh thanks MIT for your kind words - but I've got to say - I'm only 5ft tall - so I think I have the 'pygmy' position in the group well and truly covered!

  5. Ooh! Another person shorter than moi?
    Only by a couple of, it's the "unknown quantity" in my book making skills that puts me in the little box!
    But, as Carol says, it'll be fun.


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