Thursday, July 28, 2016

(t)here, here, and all...

I'm just too busy to post a few more pics or whatsits from my time
being (t)here

mmmmmm pretty pretty scotts head - click to embiggen

(kiddies sport, more kiddies sport, still more kiddies sport, and a bit more kiddies sport currently has me chasing my tail)

India posted some delish pics
and an hilarious reply to an email that greeted her upon her return  

upon my return I received word that my 'all the...' booklets

(which were hurriedly finished hours before the deadline)

have been shortlisted for the Libris Awards

(yay team 'LookUP') 

and the Libris Awards will be on at the same time as Queensland Poetry Festival
where the LookUP project projection work will have another showing

(yay team 'LookUP')

so all roads seem to be leading back up to the north country

(including more sport sport sport sport sport sport sport SPORT) 

before I rush off to the studio
(ummmm ... yeah... about finishing those 'all the... ' booklets before the deadline
yeah.... nar... 
I didn't - I just managed to complete and to photograph one
so now I must hurriedly get the other two folded into shape)

here's a sneak peek of something from being (t)here before it entered the magical cauldron...

oooo the suspense eh! 



  1. i remember the days of traveling sports mom...and the immense relief when it all ended. time spent in hockey and skating arenas, horsse show rings, fields, courts, roads... i am so glad to hear about your book!

  2. Congrats on your selection in the Libris awards ronnie and the Look Up project at the Qld Poetry Festival. I haven't been on blogs for a while but I tracked down your post on 'all the sixteenths'. Love it! Looks like you were doing a lot of folding concertinas too.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx