Sunday, July 24, 2016

being (t)here....

This time last week
I was driving/flying/driving
my way from my home by a small creek
to this home by a bigger creek...

to spend 4 days (of a 5 day workshop) 
with the amazing prophet-of-bloom herself

India Flint

in a workshop with the title

'being (t)here'
a site-specific masterclass about being in place 

now anyone who knows anything about India would know
that 'workshop' is not really the best way to describe
what spending time with this natural wonder really entails ...
its more 'multi-faceted experience' than simply a workshop.

and anyone who knows anything about me would know
what an extraordinary feat it is for me to get anywhere these days ....
and to go far far away doing something just for myself is....
unheard of!

I'll share a few pics of my time in the next wee while
because I'm mindful that words and pics don't really capture
what is at the core of art-making and word-wrangling in place
with a gathering of what India calls 'stitch sisters'

I'm still digesting the feast

and rather than describe every morsel in detail
I think I'll just give you a small taste of things

I've been on quite a journey this week

 it has been the best way to launch myself into the next half-tonne of my life



  1. So glad you had a wonderful time. Anything involving India is always special.

  2. What a huge effort for you to get away and have this time Ronnie - so pleased for you that you did! I imagine the 'workshop' will echo and reverberate down the days...and happy birthday too!

  3. you've captured the indianess perfectly. i've been in a class in the northeast of the us with her, i would love to be in australia with her, too! yay, ronnie, for you gatting away and really being there.

  4. i am a danish person who have been to Indias workshop in Scotland 3 times and think i can feel how it have been and in this wounderful area ," being there in SCotland " india have brought one of your books to show us , i am very glad you have been there too .

  5. I too am thrilled that you came along to share the experience! I have a little package of yours tucked in the freezer waiting to be unwrapped at the right time :)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx