Sunday, June 19, 2016

tura marrang....

I've been invited to create special projects
for the opening (next weekend) of the new
Tura Marrang library and community centre

I've created a community book-page origami boat activity called 

'what book floats your boat?'

this is based on images of my many book-page origami boat activities

(like 'Navigo'  - gosh can you believe this is from 2007-8? where has the time gone?!)

Library patrons of all ages will be encouraged to create book-page origami boats
and perhaps tuck a little note inside telling a personal tale (or three)
about what books mean to them

maybe they will share the name of their favourite author or book?

maybe a secret guilty book pleasure?

perhaps a moment where a book changed their life?

it will be fun to see what folk make of it
as the activity is designed to challenge the notion
of the preciousness and purpose of books in the digital age

(oh - and it will be loads of fun!)
yes --  I promise I'll share some install pics as the project develops
and the created origami books are added to display cases in the library space

I'm also installing a couple of my looooooooooooooooooooong books...

they will have an extended stay
in a funny shaped display cabinet in the new space..
(pics will follow I promise)


I've been creating a small video work
I've titled 'oh books - you light my fire'
developed from this series of book/fire/water ephemeral works from 2010...

I'll share the whole piece by-the-by

soooooo its been a busy couple of weeks but nice to bring my old friends out to play

(most folk in my home region haven't seen much of my work
funny how you can be anonymous in your own town eh?)

ps everyone is invited to the opening celebrations
next saturday
come on down!


  1. Great news on all fronts, ronnie gal !
    Love to see *the return* of books from the past ....
    Best wishes for your upcoming projects - would be there in a heartbeat if there wasn't a great bleedin' ocean in the way!!

  2. So exciting!!! Wish I could be there!

  3. I'm giving your lovely blog a bit of a shout out over on mine today, Ronnie. Hope you don't mind:) xxx (Kim from Feather & Nest) xxx


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx