Friday, July 31, 2015

pen-tastic - aka Tales from a Pen Groupie...

righto -- so I've previously confessed that I'm a Notebook Nerd (N.N.)
and General Stationery Tragic (G.S.T.)

so let me tell you about life as a Pen Groupie
("hello my name is Ronnie and I'm a Pen Groupie, Notebook Nerd and General Stationery Tragic")

The Pen Groupie

*generally identified by ink marks on clothes,
squished ends on the fingers and thumb of their writing hand,
and the close proximity of tiny scraps of paper filled with random scribbles and doodles
(generally in a rainbow of colours....)

The Pen Groupie (P.G) ALWAYS travels with a preferred pen
(and a back up to the preferred pen... and often a back up to the back up...)

(one of my favs for knock about general stuff is the uniball ---
I have them in a rainbow of colours.... of course --- and usually have some random colour in bag --- like orange...
who can write a serious note in orange?)

The P.G. can get all O.C.D about how their pens are stored, used, or arranged
(never NEVER chew on the lid of pen borrowed from a P.G -- not if you value your life)

(don't even THINK about putting the green pen next to the purple pen...
these are my big fat bic textas -- they come in a pack of 36 different colours... and of course I need them all... )

The P.G. can discern even a minor change in manufacture of their favourite pen

(I have one word for the staedtler company "WHY????!!!!!!"
as in 'why-did-you-bugger-up-my-favourite-pen-by-messing-with-the-roller-ball-and-barrel-size" aggggghhhhh!!!!! 
I just can't like what you've done... it's evil. it's wrong.)

The Pen Groupie often uses a different writing tool
for every surface and special occasion
(and more often than not their writing style changes when they change tools...)

the PG may have a smooth flowing biro with 'just' the right barrel shape
for smooth matt surfaces perhaps....

(any family member found fondling my favourite huon pine handmade-just-for-me 'biro' will be put in the stocks
--- yes I will know if you 'borrowed' it.... don't. even. think. about. it.)

a collection of teeny tiny textas for teeny tiny writing on smooth glossy cards perhaps....

(oooo purty colours.... again)

a mechanical pencil for precise wee sketches perhaps....

 (I've had this lovely mechanical pencil since high school...
it has a familiar weight and feel between my fingers
I just seem to write or draw differently with this pencil compared to any other pencil.... )

Anyone can be a secret Notebook Nerd, Pen Groupie and General Stationery Tragic
but when the N.N, P.G. or G.S..T is also an arteest

oh boy!

(my collection of copic multiliners has grown as I've discovered just how fantastic they are --
AND you can separately replace the ink barrel or the tip - fantastic) 

do you play favourites with your pens?



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  1. As a fellow stationery tragic, I LOVE seeing your favourite pens, Ronnie. I am just (just) up to sharing my favourites with my grandkids because they are showing excellent appreciation for drawing, but I do have moments when I want to scream "that's mine!"


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