Thursday, July 2, 2015

all hail the halfway mark...

at almost exactly the halfway point
(182 and a half)
in my year of looking up

dark ominous clouds suddenly appeared

lighting! thunder! wind! driving rain!


a blizzard of hail!

the most hail I've ever seen drop over the house
here at the creek in my 27 years of residence

welllll myyyy! it really pays to look up!


(and I thought it was really something that last night,
at the mid point of my 'look up' year,
I looked up to capture the jupiter and venus collusion)



  1. That's a lot of hail! Hope everything on the farm survived it. I've got to ask - was the sky really all those colors? That blue-into-green? Glorious to view via the interpixies, but scary to look overhead and see. I'm enjoying this year of posts immensely.

    1. yes! it was actually this blue and greens (and dark dark greys and pure white as the hail hit --- and then the most amazing deep purples, like a nasty bruise!) these pics were taken just as the first storm front moved north and a second front moved in from the east ---- I should have predicted that it was going to be stormy --- the sky this morning was all pinks and purples and reds 'red sky at morning, shepherds warning'..... it was a tough afternoon to be a sheep! brrrrrrrr!

  2. Blimey Ronnie - quite the dramatic half-way measure! A gorgeous sky again this evening - does that mean a shepherd's delight tomorrow? Go well.

    1. (look up 183 was actually the dawn before the storm! --- ahhhhhhhhhh should have heeded the warning eh!)


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