Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've mentioned before
(and I'm sure it comes as no surprise)
that as a youngen I spent many hours drawing and painting and dreaming

Recently my dear mumsy dragged out one of the paintings
I created when I was in high school
(many MANY decades ago - gulp)

 all those gathered gasped

not because the painting was particularly wonderful

(its typical of the style that many teens try out -
even if the subject matter* is perhaps a little less typical for an aussie teen in the 1980s) 

what folk found seriously strange, other-worldly, mysterious was this...

the green girl-child I painted more than 3 decades ago

looks uncannily like our wee girl-child EJ

 check it out in B&W...


uncanny yes?

I have no earthly explanation for this

* As a teenager I was totally obsessed --- and I do mean OBSESSED with Native American history, culture, current affairs and activism -- I devoured everything and more about indigenous peoples of the Americas and for many years it seemed that everything I did related to Native Americans : history projects, art, poems, songs, short stories....  I used to drag this large painting to school every day on the bus... The figure at the top of the painting was from an historical photograph of Chief Joseph (I rather liked Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce) - I think the landscape in the middle was my rendition of the Bear Paw battlefield in Montana (but it may have been somewhere else.... it was a long time ago!) --- I had no reference picture for the figure at the base - she came from 'somewhere' I know not..... 



  1. we just don't know how some of these things happen. but WOW, ronnie, how marvelous!

  2. as soon as i pushed publish i heard the words "let the mystery be" from iris dement's song.

    1. have we used the word 'uncanny' already? xx

  3. Does she look at all like you? If yes, then that's the explanation...
    By the way: it is a BEAUTIFUL painting and so is EJ!

    1. EJ took after farmer phil --- some of her older paternal cousins looked quite like this when they were young... so no, EJ didn't get much of her looks from me at all!

  4. Chills and tears. To think that her soul was already talking to yours...

  5. The resemblance really is spookily uncanny! We remember the night your mum brought the painting out so clearly. Hope their new caravan is going great. xxxxxxx

    1. it took me a while to actually post about this - the painting had been tucked up in a spare room at the parentals home forever - I'd really quite forgotten about it and wasn't at all prepared for the shock resemblances when it emerged (I always joke that mumsy embodies unconditional love -- if I were a criminal she'd be dragging out my court records to show off with pride... 'she's such a marvelous criminal - the best in her cell block' ... that would be my mumsy ... )

      ps mary and brian and the caravan (are going great) xxxxx

  6. I can see why there was a gasp! Amazing resemblance, beautiful painting, beautiful EJ. Just go with, enjoy it and don't try to over think it. I love that last photo showing the two together. And I love the sound of your mother...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx