Friday, January 16, 2015

look up (sixteen)...



  1. Will you publish a book of these perhaps? Would be lovely...and I'd need a few of them. Just saying....

    1. ahhhh you're too kind jennifer --- for now I am content with looking up.... the moment is mostly about silence and gratitude, the aesthetics are something of an offshoot really to the process of stopping and breathing - but I appreciate your lovely encouragement xxx

    2. I understand the aesthetic and appreciate it. But I also know that I keep coming back to your photos during the day when a moment of "just being" is needed. They've great impact, these photos of yours.

      By the way, I love India's idea of a mosaiced wall(s) of them. A year of looking up?

  2. I'm envisaging a wall mosaiced with tem in sequence...

  3. Something *biblical* about this one [altho I cringe - a bit - at the word but thinking you'll catch
    me drift] ... that touch between lowest cloud & highest ....

    crikey, have gone cloud-borne ;>]]


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx