Thursday, December 11, 2014

sams creek throws out the welcome mat...

a couple of days ago

five special beings

arrived at the creek

on two tandem bikes

its been a magical and wet - but still magical time since

but this is not really my tale to tell
(we are but one small rest in the story)

please drop by here and read the tales

of meg and patrick and zephyr and woody and zero

(you won't be disappointed... trust me... )



  1. Oh my! Thank you for posting this and the link to Meg and Patrick's blog. I just read the current entry and am still sitting here with my mouth agape in awe and wonder and admiration. We've 2 tandems ourselves and my husband would no doubt love to do a trip like theirs. Only we no nothing about foraging and would either starve or go broke eating out every night. What an adventure!!! Now...for a bit of time to back to their blog and start at the beginning... Enjoy!

    1. And I obviously don't know how to spell know. Arg!

  2. What a trip, what a family! When I have time I'm planning to read all their posts. Thanks Ronnie!


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