Sunday, December 14, 2014

a most remarkable week...

We've had what can only be described as
A Most Remarkable Week

as five mammals on two bikes
(aka Artist as Family)
turned our small creek world 
 upside downsy inside outsy
(in the best possible way)

with long conversations around the table
 that ranged from eco poetics and cultural interventions
to the art of bicycle maintenance
and all stops in between:
 permaculture, radical homemaking, foraging, farming, gardening
stealth camping, dog whispering, philosophy, activism, 
the pitfalls and delights of social media,  
wild yeast baking....

 (look guys -- its ALIVE!) 

oooo its been a heady old time!
(and mostly one where the camera was forgotten as the moments were thoroughly enjoyed)

I first 'met' Patrick, then Meg, a few years ago in the marvelous melting pot of blogland
we've shared intermittent notes to and fro since I stumbled over
Patrick's blog Permapoesis and followed their arty projects with growing interest

I was nervous about us meeting up In Real Life
would they (or worse, WE) be totally boring, false, weird or wonky
beyond the sanctioned medium of the blog?

the reality was a mutually delightful and magical time was had by all


While Patrick, Meg, Zephyr, Woody and Zero were hanging around our region
they delighted folk with their story on the local radio

and in person at our local wholefood shop/cafe


but before we knew it, it was time for them to push on 
slowly making their way south to home in Daylesford, Victoria

with our sassy-boyo joining them on the highway for the first 6kms up to Cobargo

(look at that smile -- he's just a little bit happy about the chance to join the adventure wot!)

bye bye

Meg and Patrick and Zephyr and Woody and Zero

lets all keep an eye out for Artist as Family (and all cyclists) on the road

and for the book on their journey
(coming out sometime next year? stay tuned)



  1. Fabulous moments Ronnie - I think blog land pretty well helps you find folk who you will get along with, or at least it has so far for me!

  2. oh, happy times for you all! excellent. it's wonderful to meet up with people who turn out to really be friends. that's when this interworld works right. i've read a bit about the cyclists, it's a monumental trip. i', glad you got to hang out together. and that smile on your kiddo!

  3. Hi Ronnie, a little more 'chewing the fat'. We just read something this morning that gives a little more context to one of our discussions. In her book Wanderlust (Penguin, NY 2000, p28.) Rebecca Solnit articulates why, for those drawn to action after what could only be described as the coward years, postmodernism is now a mere historical entry in the linage of western philosophy, its currency increasingly outmoded in an unfolding era of rerualisation, falling affluence, climate change and energetic powerdown:

    "The body described again and again in postmodern theory does not suffer under the elements, encounter other species, experience primal fear or much in the way of exhilaration, or strain its muscles to the utmost. In sum, it doesn't engage in physical endeavour or spend time out of doors. The very term "the body" so often used by postmodernists seems to speak of a passive object, and that body appears most often laid out upon the examining table or in bed. A medical and sexual phenomenon, it is a site of sensations, processes, and desires rather than a source of action and production."

    It is indeed a time of action again. Thanks for posting. It was so lovely to have this time together.

  4. What a wonderful visit! I must read more about this family. I especially like the comment they have added above. The coward years! Yes! Postmodernism - huh! And did Zero just sit there on the bike or was there a seat belt? Yikes! Brave puppy.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx