Thursday, May 29, 2014


said in my best yoda voice 
 'excited we are'

inside are itty-bitty 
 'carpe diem' moo cards

15 different cards 
spanning 2 years of ephemeral gesturing...

and I've made little book page pockets for them...

As soon as I work out a nice online store**

I'll be offering little packets containing 10 random art gesture cards
for folk to purchase (if they feel inclined)

mind you - if you were sweet enough to purchase either


at the blurb store

please drop me a note/pic and I'll pop a origami packet of gestures
 in the post for you as a thank you gift

** I haven't quite decided the who/what/where etc for an online store
so if you have some advice
I'm all ears!



  1. At the risk of using the offensive "p" word, it's lovely to see you developing your masters work into "product", as they say!

  2. So many folks have "moooooo"ed and I have yet to see one in person ... these
    look SWELL, ronnie. Best wishes on the uhh, erhm, as Amanda says, "p" word.
    Think you're gonna do fine!

  3. Lovely cards... as were the originals. r

  4. That's some sweet presentation you have going on there !

  5. Ronnie, wow! and wow! again! What a brilliant idea this is, you clever thing. Talk about value added. (I'm trying not to put any more exclamation marks but they are there, invisibly.)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx