Wednesday, May 7, 2014

in the background...

more collage

lots of little square collages actually...

of mostly white and black and aged papers adhered to hard boards

and as pleasant as I find the activity
and as carefully as I choose the bits and pieces and arrange them just so
this is just the first step in a project
for these are the grounds (backgrounds) for a series...

an effective background is a neutral background
one that doesn't have a lot of tonal contrast competing for attention

so it's time to add a thin layer of white gesso over the mottled collages

preparing them to become receptive backgrounds

but arctic white is not really my scene

so I brewed up a strong mug of tea

and gave them all a nice drink...

and NOW I'm ready to begin....



  1. Be warned!...collaging is addictive. So's tea.

  2. Oh my...yes! More tea please.

  3. Mmm multiples, text, paper and tea - heaven!


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