Wednesday, December 25, 2013

with lurve from ronnie & the crew...

 for everyone out there

in the real world

I hope your christmas is puppy-lious

and the new year

brings great dog-filled days

of peace and joy

and most of all




  1. That's an incredibly fine crew you have there!
    All the same back to you, ronnie ... WOOF WOOF from the furries here

  2. Merry Xmas Ronnie to you and all around you!

    Hoping to see your work and thinking spread further around this globe one way or another. It's time for many richer dialogues and doings than we currently have... and for good ideas + things to reach the places they normally don't.

    People are frustrated and ready ... they don't always know what for... so that's why messages from the creative edges matter... Its not pompous nor irrelevant to be getting good ideas out there... so long as the ideas are accessible and allow people an in!

    here's to a prosperous 2014.... where we learn what true property means and what it takes for all creatures on this planet to be able to prosper!

  3. Hope you are having a great Christmas day, we are very relaxed on Kangaroo Island, sunny and not too warm and no stress.

  4. Aww…I hope you're having a great holiday season!

  5. The same to you and your family Ronnie! Wishing you a Christmas filled with peace, love, joy and lots of laughter!

  6. happy to you, ronnie, pups and all!

  7. So cute! Merry Christmas to you all, Ronnie! xox

  8. the joy and wonder of puppy breath!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx