Thursday, December 12, 2013

many words in (bloggy) print...

ahhhhhh its been another glorious day

warm (but not too warm)

humid (but not too humid) 

it's been the sort of day one likes to tinker in the garden
(until it gets a wee bit too warm that is!)


something else quite glorious occurred today as well

but I'm going to point you to another place to see/read it

so without fanfare or long explanations I'm going to redirect you to

the yeomans project

and a rather looooooongish article I've written called

permaculture in the practice


  1. Popping over there now to read that one. Fairly certain that if it's words from you it's gonna be a good 'un!

  2. wow! such well wrought words, will take a squizz at the Yeomans project next time I'm at the Art Gallery!


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