Tuesday, September 10, 2013

going solo...

this is a heads-up, save-the-date, get outta town while you can post/warning

in just a couple of weeks time

 I'll be installing

the Very Big

(very booky)

codex infinitum - the infinite book

is the title of my MFA research project, exegesis and solo exhibition 

the work is the culmination of nearly 4 years research and making

(jeeez time flies)

sooooo here are all the gory details (for anyone in the area)

codex infinitum - the infinite book

opens October 10, 2013
at Switchback Gallery - Churchill, Victoria

and runs until November 7

(I will be on the floor for opening night and last day only... 

the gallery is a looooooooooong way from home) 

right now I'm finishing bits and pieces 

and trying to overcome an almost overwhelming sense of rising panic!



  1. Just set **fire** [heh, heh] to that panic and PROCEED!

    I'd join in with all the ruckus if I wasn't a continent and some other such nonsense away ... dang, great stuff, Ronnie, all of it .... KUDOS to you, thousands of CONGRATS.

    There in spirit? That's me!!

    1. ahhh you have cheered me up no end sweetiepea ---- thanks for all the spirits xxxx

  2. Congratulations Ronnie, I wish you an infinite amount of well deserved success.

  3. Congratulations Ronnie, enjoy the installation and opening!

  4. break a leg! the panic is normal but the relief afterwards will be so much bigger. so excited that you have reached this ending to a long journey!

  5. Wonderful to hear... best of luck with getting ready .... it will be amazing I'm sure!!

  6. Hope you enjoy the crescendo after the mad panic, Ronnie. Would love to be able to see it all, but hopefully you'll post some news & pics on how it all goes. Congrats in advance :)

  7. i would LOVE to be there for your big event. keep breathing, and it will come together!

  8. Hooray, congrats & hope you post lots of photos!

  9. Happy positive vibes for you from up north - hope it goes brilliantly and you shine!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx