Thursday, December 27, 2012

the end of the year is nigh...

Earlier this week 

 we were treated to this...

(click to embiggen)

No - the dramatic scene was not a harbinger for the end of the world as the Mayans predicted....  but it IS almost the end of the year - and what a year its been!

With family, friends, farm, garden, and of course arrrrrt - the year has been filled to the brim with the good and the bad - great frustrations and (fortunately) with even greater small joys.

I'm not one to dwell on the frustrating and icky bits (perhaps the MOST frustrating this year has been dealing with bureaucracy gone bonkers.... you know how it is!) --  I prefer to concentrate on the small joys: growing, eating and selling surplus garden vege (the garden is always a place of both frustration and joy); the return of our chicken flock; the addition of Honey-Hound to our family; finding out that our creek farm is a lyrebird haven; family happenings like the wedding of our gorgeous niece; the May opening of Sams Creek bookworks (phew - what a big effort that was!)...

Best of all has been watching our kidlets blossom as uniquely wonderful little creatures...


Can you believe that I'm just one post away from a whole year of small art gestures?
(yep this Sunday is week 52). 

 (who can remember which week each of these appeared?)

The year-long series has been pivotal in the continued development of my arts practice, and subsequently to my ongoing Higher Degree...  no doubt I'll talk a whole lot more about this as 2013 unfolds - my exegesis is due for submission in May and my examination exhibition has already been scheduled at Switchback Gallery in August - gulp! I see lots and lots of study and arty work in my immediate future!

Talking about plans for 2013.... wellllllll other than those arty/study deadlines, I'm keen to get that netting over our orchard (take that you pesky little fruit-thieving birds!); I'm planning to hold another bookworks open day in May; I've got notions about remaking a nice pond in the garden; and the kidlets will no doubt be keeping us insanely busy with all their sporting activities (oh boy - where did these little sportsters come from?)....

But first thing I've got those BAO projects to complete!

Happy New Year ya'll



  1. SO proud of you. i was thinking that last weekend, amazed at how you've been keeping up with the weekly practice. seems easy enough on the surface, but then when i think of all of your many hats, esp as a mother, i am AMAZED that you've been so consistent and faithful to your art practice. thanks for inspiring us this year, and looking forward to what the next brings!

  2. Congratulations Ronnie on your year of art gestures! I've had a lot of enjoyment watching them, so good to read you've found the process beneficial as well.
    Best wishes for the New Year and another full arty life and etc ahead.

  3. Looking forward to No 52 ronnie - what an achievement!

  4. ronnie, your energy abounds, i can't imagine the pace you keep! so happy that the weekly practice has kept you grounded in book arts. i enjoy so much reading of sam's creek doings. thank you for keeping your door open for us in the ethers.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx