Sunday, December 9, 2012

art gesture sunday - week 49...


book midden
on the creek bed confluence of Sams and Narira creeks



  1. I was relieved to find this didn't turn into a pile of burning books! They're too beautiful and the midden looks great.

  2. I love this messy book stack - fabulous - and can hardly believe its week 49, spooky.

  3. Book midden! What imaginings those two words conjure up!

  4. Had to search for the definition of midden and was surprised at the answer found. To call your lovely stack of books a midden...well, surely you jest. It's a tumbled cairn or hastily constructed tribute. As we in the US south are sometimes heard to utter in disbelief - you call it a midden...pshaw!

  5. I wondered what the word 'midden' meant in other cultures particularly after your comment jennifer - and after a quick squiz on wiki I can understand why some folk may scratch their head!

    but yes I absolutely meant the word 'midden' - because here in oz a midden is more than a dumping ground - middens are evidence of aboriginal occupation of land and a cultural repository - their location and contents are significant -- (to read a little more about australian aboriginal shell middens check here >>>

    I have thought about the making of this specific piece of work for a few years... dreaming of it as I sleep - thinking about it as I woke.... yes I've presented it as a small gesture - number 49 in a year of small art/book gestures but for me it represents the culmination of many things I have been working towards in my work....

    ps this midden is sited where 'my' small sams creek joins into the larger narira creek (which in turn flows into wallaga lake - part of the batemans marine park - just a few kms downstream). there is evidence that narira creek was used as a thoroughfare by the yuin people (the traditional owners of this land) for countless centuries

    there are so many tales to tell about these creeks and my connection to this country.... a book midden is but a small starting gesture...

  6. well, your explanation really helps, even though i thought the books perfectly reflected the rock deposits.

  7. Ronnie, my most sincere apologies for what now seems to me to be a rather flippant comment on my part...was trying for semi-intelligent and slightly poetic, but failed. I was too quick to accept the first definition of midden, which was dung heap actually, that appeared yesterday morning. A slower reading of the next 3 links gave the true definition.

    Your midden caught at my heart with its tumble of books. I saw a fallen cairn, which are always a tribute of sorts in my mind. That's why the definition shocked me so badly.

    Actually, I'm glad you ending up sharing your thought process with us. Your art always shows such intelligence and the same holds true here. Thank you.

  8. I always debate about how much to share regards process or intention - here on the blog or anywhere really when it comes to art..... this year I've mostly wanted to sit waaaaay - to make small and unassuming things and share them quietly - and let folk make of them what they will --- I'm touched that folk drop by here to check out my things - and its so lovely to receive comments (and unexpected I might add)

    all comments (with the exception of spam of course!) are absolutely welcome with open arms - always xx


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx