Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Honey-honey, hold me, baby, ah-hah, honey-honey"

Meet our newest creek resident


Honey is just 8 weeks old -
she's a yellow (aka cream) kelpie 
(yes there is such a thing..... I didn't know this until a few weeks ago!)

Honey was chosen this morning from a litter of 4 pups
and given her name by our sassy-boy 
to be his very own working dog

 it was love at first sight 

 first hugs in a new home

 first puppy meal made by sass

first sight of the other very big dogs of the creek
(oooooo GOODNESS!)
first hugs of reassurance

 first steps alone into a big new (slightly wet) world

 first sleep in a new home
(snuggled between sassy's boots on some of his old clothes
note the box decorations....) 

Hopefully this is the first day of a beautiful journey together
filled with ball games and frisbee and stick fetching
and bike rides and cow herding and doggie high jump
and swimming and running
and hugs and doggy kisses

welcome to the creek honey-honey



  1. Delightful !
    Endearing !
    Heartwarming !
    Way tah go with your new pup, Sass, may she bring you years of the very best kind of companionship !

    Now I'm going to scroll back up to that cute-as-heck shot of her heading down the steps ;>D

  2. honey has just woken up from her first puppy nap at the creek - and she's ready for ack-shun! its cold and wet and sass is out there starting her creek dog training..... oh boy! (oooo I can just picture all the things she's going to shred in the next wee while)

  3. So cute! And so much enjoyment to come.

  4. oh my - small dogs can just steal hearts can't they? What a beauty - I wish Sass and Honey many happy years together...

  5. She's so cute, Ronnie. Love her name and love the colour. Kelpie's are so smart and such lovely dogs. x

  6. I'm sure Sass and Honey will both enrich each others lives beyond words. As Kim says kelpies are so smart and loving. Good luck with the shredding :)

  7. What a beautiful colour - Honey is the perfect name. Sass & Honey will be so happy together learning about one another. Ahh, shredding! Part of puppyhood. Enjoy!

  8. This post just makes me happy. Sending good wishes for Sass and Honey!

  9. omg, TOO too too sweet. so honey is perfect! those initial steps, my heart is aching!

  10. what a lucky dog, what a lucky boy. i love how celebrated honey is, a special home with amazing wall art.

  11. don't know if my comment made it through--congrats to both boy and dog and wow about the wall art!

  12. Honey is just that, a real honey.

    Enjoy the new canine adventures,


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx