Sunday, February 6, 2011


oh.... my..... golly-gosh-goodness 

has it been HUMID or what?!!!


I've been trying to make things.... with paper... in the insane heat and humidity.... Earlier in the week I made a start on wrestling paper ... but EVERYTHING is sweating.... (three questions for friends living in the tropics: WHY????? .... HOW???!!!! ... WHY!!!!!)

Yesterday it was just ridiculous... I had a towel wrapped around my neck trying to catch sweat forming at my hairline from rolling down onto the paper and book projects I had stoopidly thought that I might be able to manage.  I think it was rather fitting (even though it proved completely impossible in the humidity) to attempt to make my very first limp-bound leather journal....


I finished the limpy ones today - after the icky heat has FINALLY dissipated
(it's positively arctic here today - mmmmmmmm much better!)

(on these journals I tried out something a little different -
the closure is a wrap-around leather tie with a sewn leather 'whatsit')

 this one is my favourite - and it was the simplest 
the pages are canson mi-teintes
the closure is simply an organza ribbon threaded through a slot.... too easy!

I really enjoyed this structure and I can't believe I've never tried it before. It was much easier than I expected and the outcome was much nicer than anticipated (I think it was the idea of using leather that previously had me all a-quiver.... but as I acquired a small stash of leathers along with all that yummy bookbinding gear last year - well, I felt less pressured about making 'mistakes')

I'm going to revisit this structure again very soon - right now I'm recharging in the cool temperatures (I can enjoy a nice hot cuppa again) - it's only 12 sleeps until the opening of 'codex interruptum'




  1. He, he, he! We've had a really hot one today (well, hot for Coffs Harbour) and my dearest husband retreated to his office, closed the door, plugged in a portable aircon unit and FELL ASLEEP IN HIS OFFICE CHAIR! I, on the other hand, baked bread, did the washing, did the ironing, vacuumed and then mopped the floors... which just goes to show it's probably all to do with your internal thermometer (and mine, despite being British) has apparently adapted to the sub-tropics very well! But we're lucky: we have enough water for me to be able to run a shallow bath this afternoon and go and sit in it for 1/2 an hour with a good book and a cup of coffee... Michael thinks I am completely mad. We've got a cool front heading our way which should make life more bearable tomorrow - I'll probably be in my thermals by then! Hope you stop dripping soon - LOVE the limp leather covers! Sara x

  2. I love those bindings too! What are you doing with all these little bookies? Selling them somewhere??? I love the top one - that red is yummy.
    As for the heat and humidity, I'm in denial...turn up the air-con and just look at the lovely blue sky through the window...feels like a perfect day from where I'm standing, and I'll deal with the power bill when it arrives. (Yikes!)

  3. ronnie, 12 sleeps are lots, right? good luck, i'm sure you'll be in good shape to face this. i mean, if i did it, anyone can, right?!!! wishing you the best as you pull it all together.

  4. Didn't the temperature drop in the most dramatic way? And it rained - fabulous! Your wraparound journals are lovely and a really nice way to start using leather. I hope your next 12 days provide good working weather for you, no more heat waves.

  5. Yes they are a great structure and yours look terrific. I admire your persistence attempting any binding in humid, hot weather.
    Cheers, lj
    PS Thanks for the visit.


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