Saturday, February 26, 2011

butterfly summer...

My buddliea bushes are all a-flutter with a bevvy of butterfly beauties....

Orchard swallowtails (one girl being chased by two boys...... ahhh it must be hard to be a popular female!)


Macleay's swallowtail - I've never seen this one here before.... oooo excitement!
my purple plantings are working their magic attracting the pretty butterfly boys and girls

gosh but they are a gorgeous sight!

 I've never seen so many butterflies in the garden before

I hope they are here to stay!



  1. Found your great blog recently, for some strange reason I don`t come across many aussie blogs that I like and that day I found 2 !

    We don`t get many native butterflies here in NZ, your bugs are gorgeous, we have some scary ones like the Weta, no nasty poisonous ones tho or snakes . .

    I am enjoying reading thru your journeys. . .

  2. well hello marcia thanks for dropping by and leaving a calling card! (I'm now worrying about what in the world a weta is...)

    I can't promise that I won't post an odd snake pic here (we had a big red-bellied black in the yard last week... they are quite timid which is good - as I'm quite scared of snakes!)

    hope to 'see' you here again some day

  3. Oohhh... a Macleay's - is it okay if I'm just a teeny bit envious? Maybe our buddleias will encourage them. Thinking of snakes, I have a suspicion that our big carpet snake is visiting the hen house. Not sure what to do but this morning at 6am they were freaking out and there's been no eggs for a couple of days. I love the snake and the chooks - but not a good combo.

  4. all I can say carol is 'if you plant it - they will come' (mind you I can't tell you who 'they' are..... do you have macleay's up your way?) oh and patience is a virtue (I've had the buddlieas in for more than a decade.... and am now reaping the rewards!

  5. Ronnie, I LOVE butterflies and LOVE looking at your photos! Next thing I do is to find out if buddleias grow in my part of the world...
    Enjoy your beautiful visitors,

  6. Ronnie, all I can say is google NZ Weta and you will see what this amazing insect looks like !


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx