Sunday, January 11, 2009

books books books

the Rotary book sale was on again this week at the Bega showground pavillion

(isn't it a lovely old building?)

and naturally I was there with bells on (and arrived of course in the opening minutes of the 3 day book sale)

I love the Rotary Boook sale - an event that occurs a couple of times each year in Bega - where unwanted/ unloved/ excess books are offered at very reasonable prices for all comers (and the proceeds go to fund Rotary projects) Its very much a win win situation

And a very popular event!

I've become (through no fault of my own I must state) something of a 'personality' with the Rotary book sale folk. In previous sales I've bought so many books that my poor car was unable to transport them home in one trip! - they do love me so the Rotary people - I always want the stuff that they suspect will end up in the skip at the end of the sale (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I say!!!!!!!)

Here's one of my boxes from this year - a set of World Book encyclopaedias (I have been collecting encyclopaedia for a few years now - I'm preparing for A Very Large Work... hopefully I'll have enough to commence the piece this year...

by the way - if you have an old set of encyclopaedia just rattling around that you are preparing to send to landfill - why not GIVE THEM TO ME???? I promise to give them a new lease on life....

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