Sunday, August 24, 2008

winter nasties (and better news)

This week we've received some of the coldest weather of this very wintery season - no wonder we are all coughing and sniffing - I've been floored by a nasty little bit of a flu bug - so the garden and the studio (not to mention the house and kiddies) have all been neglected.

Before succumbing to the evil bug I did manage to plant out a new wee strawberry pot (bring on the warm weather!!!!!!) and at looooooong last after waiting patiently - I brought and potted up a kaffir lime (we'll keep it nice and protected under the verandah)

The real garden work at the moment is all farmer phil's doing - He has been creating our new vege garden - a raised bed affair - but I'll tell you all about it (with progress pics of course) when I'm not falling over sideways and wondering if I'm still alive...

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