Tuesday, August 5, 2008

links in the universe

Networks, systems and cycles - I just find them fascinating - I not only play with network imagery in my artworks - they provide the conceptual basis of much of that work as well - oh and I love the idea of networking (like here in cyberville - goodness only knows who you'll bump into...)

the other day I was approached by another blogger asking permission to post and chat about my piece 'herstory' - and because I was asked so nicely I was happy to have the piece - and fascinated that this work that in some sly way references the manner in which information is transmitted between women (an unrecorded history of feminine endeavours... but that's only part of its story...) was participating and creating its own network...

here's the link to there - and the kind words and interpretation of lee kottner


happy journey 'herstory'

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