Wednesday, December 23, 2015



last week I joined instagram

(you can find me as: book_ronnie  just look for the familiar book head!)

and guess what

I really really like it

in fact

I like it so much
I'm going to be migrating much of my posting to that medium

and I've got a couple of things that I'm going to be doing exclusively
(or at least predominantly)
in that arena in the new year

yeeee harrrr

 right now I'm finding my way around and introducing myself in instagrammaland
by posting from my archive of past works

its nice to bring out the old friends in this new world

thanks to friends who have already found me on instagram
I appreciate your support and help as I find my feet


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  1. I've been enjoying your archival photos on Instagram since you started, and will be keen to see what comes next. I do like Instagram (or IG as we say) and much prefer it to FB. Merry Christmas Ronnie!


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