Monday, June 15, 2015


My facebooky friends know all too well 
that I spend the majority of my time waiting and watching
beside pools and fields and tracks and ovals and oceans.

These are the natural habitats of the sporting child.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

our sporting calendar just flows and goes around and around and around

(and I'm usually in the driving seat)

When I stopped to quickly draw breath recently I realised -
 in the past few years there hasn't been a single week
where our family hasn't had some sport 'somewhere'
(indeed there is rarely a day that doesn't involve some sport 'somewhere')

8yr old EJ (far left) at AIS Bruce Stadium, Canberra, waiting for the results of the photo finish 
final of the 2013 PSSA 8yr girls 100m sprint Regional Championships

swimming, surf lifesaving, indoor hockey, field hockey,
soccer, athletics, cross country, touch football, AFL
(Yes even AFL -- I barely know what the letters stand for... it seems they use a pointy ball....)

itty bitty EJ in full flight at the Sydney Cricket Ground 
2014 state final of Paul Kelly Cup (AFL) -- yes she was THAT little and everyone else was THAT big
 corrrrrr - scary!


its EXHAUSTING just transporting the kiddies to all the 
pools and fields and tracks and ovals and oceans

EJ at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) for the 2015 
PSSA State Swimming Championships (she qualified for Junior Girls 50m Butterfly and 200m IM) 

The interesting thing about having children is - 
you don't know where the parent journey is going to lead you --- 
for us -- it's been into the wonderful world of 


(note the capitals and the stars) 

Due to our kiddies' super sporting interests we've found ourselves learning all sorts of new and exciting things:
in recent years we've organised school swimming carnivals, marked athletics fields,
created fantastic cross country tracks (farmer phil's magnificent handiwork).

I've even become an accredited Athletics Australia coach
which everyone who knows me finds totally hilarious
(I get a giggle out of it too)...

Many of the times I have looked up this year I've been at the side of 
 pools and fields and tracks and ovals and oceans

2015 South Coast Regional PSSA Touch Football trials, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong.... 
looking up to see parachutists dropping down on the field next door! 

I'm not a sage, but if the past couple of years are any gauge, we are in for a whole heap more
sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport
in the next wee while!

 this story may explain, in part, why you haven't seen a lot of arty projects emerge of late:
when your 'free' (or me) time is limited and your kiddies' childhood is so short
I've chosen to be there from them

I'm presently rejigging my creative endeavours to fit
in and around and beside
all. the. sport.

see if you can spot EJ in the crowd of 77 of the best zone runners
 at the start of the 2015 10yr girls Regional Cross Country Championships, Nowra 
(hint - she's in the Far South Coast representative colours of red, white and black...) 
 in just over 8 minutes from the time of this snap, the small grrrrl child won her first PSSA Regional title.....
next month she will compete at the PSSA State championships and attempt to qualify for her first Nationals.... 





  1. omg ronnie ..go you! what a champ your kids have!
    and yes , this time will pass as quickly as your EJ can lap the oval..... it will seem to you, later , much later.
    hold on for the ride. it looks really really grand.

  2. ronnie, she's a marvel. and so is her mom.

  3. thanks for the sweet comments you guys .... we are just doing what any parent does eh.... support their kids however/whatever that means .... 'simples' xxxx

  4. You are a pretty special mum, Ronnie! Of course parents do what they can for their kids but you and Farmer Phil have produced a couple of amazing kids and you are giving them every opportunity. Congratulations to Mum and Dad!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx