Sunday, April 5, 2015

the big silence...

Last night there was a lunar eclipse

but here at the creek the blood moon was shrouded in clouds

as I looked up to the pale misty sky

a thought wafted in...

 this is just how my life has felt so far this year

mists and fogs

and quiet silence

I am grateful for my daily 'look up' ritual

and your kind supportive comments on my almost wordless posts

(thank you * thank you)

thank you also for your understanding

that I've also been rather absent around blogland

I've been reading but not commenting on blog posts

as I'm presently very weary of wordily wordily sentence-making 

 I have put my energy into the quiet mindfulness of looking up...

I send peace to you and your loved ones this Easter Sunday



  1. We sat out and watched the blood moon dance in and out of clouds and shooting stars. Haven't comments on your uplookings but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying them.

    1. thank you for you quiet presence xxxx

      I am imagining the blood moon with shooting stars.... I'm sure it was beautiful xxxx

  2. like india, i have visited often and looked at your skies. wordless seemed just right. thanks.

  3. Oh, lucky India! Like you all I saw was cloud. I enjoy looking up with you each day, sometimes commenting, sometimes just reflecting how wonderful our sky can be. Enjoy the silence, Ronnie, goodness knows there's not enough of it.

  4. Stillness, silence, quietness - they fill us up and allow us to retreat. We need them for both I think. Peace.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx