Monday, November 10, 2014

and more books in the garden...


how hectic was that!

I've just waved off the last of the local garden club members (my mumsicle)

who arrived just as the coach-load of U3A members were leaving

and now I need a golly good lie down!

but first here are a few pics from around the garden....

 dontcha just love the form and colour of this protea?

mmmmmm foxglove 

(pink iceberg rose -- note the aphids eek!)

the chimney garden
(oh ok - its a bay tree flanked by two pots of agave ....
and a few pineapple sage chopped down in the background
 but look at my lovely old rust brick chimneys)

the raised beds vege garden -
not quite into the swing of spring production just yet...

 black bamboo
(because I like to live dangerously)

orange topped sticks 
(just because I can...)

phil's potato bed... waiting to be planted with seed potatoes
(because phil likes potatoes and he also likes growing and hoeing potatoes)

yes yes yes - but I promised you BOOKS in the garden didn't I...

wellllllll will 3 colourful book gabions satisfy? 

here's a blue book gabion

and a red book gabion

 and a blue and a red and a blue book gabion

I have been desperate to make a book gabion
for years and years and years
and I am thrilled with the results

YAY for book gabions!

and lastly...

book rock book
on rock

and now for my large cup of tea and a good lie down

(with a nice book)



  1. Oh Ronnie! Your garden is lovely. Those gabions that you waited so long to create have me enthralled. My own yard is sadly lacking for art, but you have inspired me to rectify that. Enjoy your rest and cuppa!

  2. Gorgeous garden and books and rocks and sticks and flowers and...

  3. a rock book! so different, yet kin to mine. nice job, ronnie, did you have a good, long nap?

  4. Oh, just realised that I've already commented on your rose. That's what happens when you work backwards, and are getting old into the bargain. Your garden is gorgeous, I bet the Mumsicles loved it. Love the idea of the rock book rock on a rock...


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