Friday, October 24, 2014


 I've been creating a small something for

when I thought about what offered me solace

one word came to mind


so I started with something of familial significance:
the patched and very worn linen shirt
that belonged to my dear Nana T
(which I've been wearing for the past couple of decades but I finally
have to admit its so old and frayed now that its beyond my simple repairs)

I particularly love the frayed elbows

and I like to think about how both my nan and my elbows
have been pushing through the fabric over time...

I've reconfigured the sleeves by hand stitching


and I've roughly stitched a line from emily dickinson

on the newly made flag

(and the hole is honoured - as frayed holes should be)

I dipped the small flag in a pot of tea

(as tea was the beverage of choice from my Nana and Pop T)

and hung the small pennant of peace and solace out to dry

(before bundling it into an envelope bound for south australia)



  1. Loved every moment of this heartfelt story, those so-ronnie stitches.
    Gonna be some intense good ju-ju on that flag line ....

  2. Beautifully done, Ronnie, and lovely choice of poem. Perfect for Solace.

  3. dear Ronnie , my solace are finish and hopefully to send in the commong week and hope it will go through to AUS from Denmark , youres look lovely, mine piece are my handkerchief from i was 14 years old 50 years i hope i will keep the wind

  4. Beautiful...the more so with the story. Beginning to think that the stories need to be in the book as well. And that this whole thing is going to be bigger than the sum of its parts. Thank you.

  5. that'ssvery beautiful and moving

  6. What a lovely piece of work and such a sweet story to go with it.

  7. Found my way to you through the Sweetpea Path list of Solace flags ... and have added you to my Kindred Spirits (blog roll). I love this tribute and wish I had cloth from my grandmothers ... how fortunate you are.
    And I must add that my radical militant librarian self loves (loves!) your book photos!!!!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx