Sunday, September 28, 2014

getting creative with permaculture...

I've completed a small PDF booklet 

that's an introduction to a far more extensive project

 Getting Creative with Permaculture
is a distillation of things from my essay/ blog posting/ etc.

Permaculture in the Practice

and my presentation at the recent
 South East Permaculture Convergence

My mini booklet/presentation
is primarily aimed at folk who have completed a
PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate)

There are some terms and concepts that permaculture people
will recognise and understand implicitly
so I haven't elaborated on them,
but I think even those not overly familiar with
the permutations of permaculture
will be able to follow along easily
(oh and you can always have a read of that essay to flesh things out eh)

I'd love to hear your feedback
particularly any brave souls who would like to participate
in the next stage of the project

an idea shared is an idea expanded

(or at least I hope so)

**ps - if you click on the linked title you'll be magically transported to the google drive version of the booklet



  1. I've been taking some baby steps...trying to get the vegie garden happening at home and starting up one at school as part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. I've enrolled but not had any time to do free online permaculture a step in the right direction. As for my art practice, I've looked into using more environmentally friendly materials but at the moment my aim is to use up what I have and use found materials and tools when possible. Not sure how permaculturish that is!

  2. It's all interlinked. I haven't given up flying yet, because if I fly to the USA to teach three classes that's at least 45 people who don't fly here. Which should count for something. But I plant trees, pull weeds and generally do the best I can

  3. Hi Rhonda, one of the best person to talk to about your creative permaculture ideas is Peter Webb of Vida de Clara Luz in Brazil. in the early 70's he was the seed collector for the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, worked with Bill Mollison in the early days of Permaculture here in Australia, studied Bio-Dynamic Agriculture in England then set up a seed bank and permaculture site in Brazil to help the displaced indigeonous people cope with their way of life changing through deforestation. Since 2002 he has combined Permaculture Principles with the Psychology of Tibetan Buddhism in partnership with Bel Cesar and is developing Ecopsychology activities on the Site Life of Clara Luz in Itapevi , São Paulo
    He speaks English as well as Portuguese to navigate their website just use Google translate


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx