Wednesday, July 9, 2014

research notes, quotable quotes and other things that float my boat...


especially for a research higher degree
means you accumulate piles and piles of notes

or at least that's what happened with me....

 these are SOME (not all...) of my wire bound notebooks 
with handwritten research notes for my MFA project

mostly they contain whole swathes of quoted text 
from books/ articles that related in some way to what I was working on
(or things that I found really interesting ... )

there are bits on the history of books and bookmaking, encyclopaedias and libraries
there are lots of references to biblioclasm, the future of books and knowledge
there are the obligatory notes about artists, art theory and art making
then there's john dewey and pragmatic philosophy
and bits on permaculture, bioregionalism, systems design, transition culture...

lots and lots (and lots and LOTS) of careful notes
on things I thought were worth noting!
(with page numbers so I could accurately acknowledge sources)

to keep track of all the sources from my notebooks I had a small index box...

with little cards devoted to each and every book read during my research project
(with all the publishers details - again an essential part of accurately acknowledging sources)

yes I knew many of my university mates
were already using software programs like EndNote to keep track of sources
but there was something so comforting about my handwritten notes and index box of cards
they never crashed or failed to load.... and didn't require a device or power source to read...

so comforting 

 It seems I have a habit of accumulating piles and piles of notes

I have boxes of things from my BA and Grad Dip Ed study period
(which I can't seem to find right this minute.... hmmmmm)

and before that...

these are SOME of my folders of notes from my years of calligraphy training

(oh boy! there are soooooo many folders from private study, formal study, workshops,
and of course that Diploma course from a lifetime ago)

oooo what treasures there are inside the covers...

this is a worksheet from the Roehampton Institute calligraphy course
that I undertook (by distance of course) waaaay back in the early 1990s
mmmm mmmm mmm quality notes never lose their value

now peeking into my miles and miles of research notes has me thinking

about sharing bits and pieces

and quotable quotes

like that worksheet gem (and its many partners)

or slices of sublime wisdom

collected in notebook after notebook

yes I think I've just hatched a plan....



  1. You have a plan... Ronnie, that's a lot of note taking, I'm impressed. Waiting to hear what comes next.

  2. Plans are good. Especially the excitement of hatching ones.
    (and that calligraphy is beautiful)

  3. ok, this will be fun to see develop, that is if and when you divulge the plan! secrets are great fun, especially when you're ready to divulge!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx