Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - international year of family farming

Most of you who have swung past here regularly know that

I live on a farm...

a family farm.....

and, just like my farming man,
generations of my family have farmed right here in the Bega Valley...

(yup - that's mini me with my daddio and 2 grandfathers - here at sams creek in the 1960s)

so I was choffed to read that 2014 has been declared by the UN as

the International Year of Family Farming

and the timing for me couldn't be more perfect

on Christmas Eve I received notice that I officially passed my MFA

although I'll be keeping on keeping on 'making stuff' in the studio
I promised myself and the family that this year was going to be our year of

Family and Farm

sooooo this New Years day
I'm not issuing my traditional list of things I hope to get up to in 2014
(I'm still trying to get around to learning to bake bread....
something that's been on my 'to-do' lists for over a decade now!!!)

rather throughout the year I'll slowly tell you all about
some of the exciting projects that I'm involved in
that also involve
Family and Farm
(and family farming!)

shortly I'll tell you more about

Black Wattle Place Based Education


Australian Permaculture Magazine


some special creek restoration projects
(and an even more exciting wildlife corridor project
that I hope the family farms will be involved in)


other farm/garden happenings


oh, ok, you KNOW there will be arty bits....

lots of arty bits...

(you *know* how artists are!)


this year I'm hoping to spend more time with my fingers in farm dirt
than I do in the digital realm
(hmmmm that sounds suspiciously like a new years resolution...)

Today I'm bringing in the New Year

with a nice long walk around the family farm

Happy New Year ya'll!




  1. This is a great subject for an international year of... Looking forward to more farm talk interspersed with art stuff.

  2. A a pretty amateur book maker, I will miss your focus on art. But wait! As a person living on a small piece of land and trying to follow permaculture principles, I will enjoy more about your farm projects. Your blog will continue to be one of my favourites among the blogs I follow. Thank you :)

    1. oh cally - you are sooo kind! I think its a *given* that I will be sharing arty bits .... in fact I'm cooking a little ('little' being the main word here) something-something that I'll be doing/sharing on a semi-regular basis here in blog land..... hopefully it might be vaguely interesting to folk..... we'll see

  3. Happy New Year Ronnie! It's wonderful when the cosmos aligns, how appropriate - year of family farm. Enjoy 2014, sounds like you have plenty to enjoy without the resolutions. And congratulations on your put so much work into it...well done!
    Best wishes.

  4. very happy new year to you, ronnie, and enjoy your degree…and your (reclaimed) life! looking forward to all the farm doings. (and the art)

  5. Hi Ronnie, CONGRATULATIONS! Not that I had ANY doubt in my mind that you'd ace the MFA, but you worked so hard at it and I hope you are very proud of yourself! I can only imagine what you'll get up to this year but can guarantee it won't involve sitting with your feet up doing nothing :-) Happy 2014


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx