Friday, November 15, 2013

honestum circuli - the artists book...

and finally - the last (but by no means the least) piece
from the codex infinitum project
that I've not shown (anyway)

allow me to introduce you to my large artists book

honestum circuli - the virtuous circle....


honestum circuli - the virtuous circle 
is both a semi-permanent physical structure 
in the form of a book/herb spiral 
surrounded by an emerging dye garden 
with citrus trees and associated beneficial plants


an accompanying book consisting of 
garden plans and musings,
original drawings, calligraphy and collage, 
 progress photos and musings on the nature and value of 
spirals and gardens and art
(and art as gardening and gardening as art....)

and no -- I didn't end up exhibiting this work at switchback... 
(it seems incongruous when placed near the other work in the show don't you think?
wellllll that's what I thought!)

but the importance of the work in terms of my research project 
cannot be overstated (it figures highly in my exegesis)

oh and here's how the virtuous circle is looking today...

(time to pull on the garden gloves and get back out there!)



  1. I have no words...simply breathtaking. Brava!

  2. It's absolutely beautiful!!! You re such a talent, Ronnie! Love the whole garden and spiral theme.Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!!!!!!! x

  3. i want to get my hands on/in/around this work! wow, ronnie.

  4. This is a lovely work Ronnie. One of my favourites. I hope I might get to the book up close some time.

  5. Just wonderful, Ronnie, both garden and book. Your imagination knows no bounds.

  6. Lovely Ronnie! Love the book AND the garden AND the book, if you see what I mean. It reminded me of Sara Midda - do you know her work? Not the book and the garden, but the book and your calligraphy... I'd better stop going around in word circles. Hopefully you've had enough rain to make the weeding easier! Sara x

  7. love your book garden and vice versa


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx