Thursday, February 14, 2013

carpe diem - making the most of mishaps...

Sometimes the best laid plans don't always go to plan...

like when you pen a title page just right

and then you accidentally plonk the page on top of another finished page 
and well...  It all starts looking like a D-grade horror movie
(I'm trying to forget the screams..... shudder)

so to turn a scene of despair to one of joy 
I bound the evidence of my crime into a little notebook...

well two notebooks actually ...

because if a job is worth stuffing up - its worth stuffing up TWICE 
(face palm!)

but I think I've almost redeemed myself with these mini booklets 



  1. Oh Ronnie! Yes redemption is yours. I hate that feeling tho - even if the mistakes do lead to nice results, I still needed them to be right for their first commitment/job! Lookin' good.

  2. Yes! Ronnie, I know how frustrating this is, but look at those beautiful little booklets!

  3. Happy mishaps...made to encourage a little lateral thinking.

  4. The little booklets look wonderful ronnie - I call these happenings 'artwork by chance'.

  5. love that red script ..right or wrong .


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