Monday, January 7, 2013

for you...

 this is what I've made to give to one of you
to say 'thanks'...

 its a little coptic bound journal

135mm x 95mm
made from collected things...

inside are blank pages as well as assorted ephemera...

maps and other bits... 

even some scraps of my calligraphic work... 

for you to embellish or do what you'd like to do 

On Sunday (Jan 13)
I'll pop the name of everyone who has selected a favourite 'gesture' pic into a 'hat'
and pick a recipient at random

oh and for everyone who has indicated their fav gesture work
and emails me their details - 
I'll post you a little zine 

(yes I know I've posted this to some folk already...
and I'm about to post one to everyone in the BAO group)

plus - its highly likely that I'll slip something else into the envelope too!

so don't forget drop by here and tell me your fav

by telling me the images you like best you're helping me make some decisions




  1. gosh how utterly gorgeous...i would have a word to the Dogs Above but for the fact that they're really busy trying to herd folks out of the way of the flames that are leaping up all over our dusty island continent.

    keep it up me dear, always a joy to swing by here.

  2. i echo india's words, i am astounded at your positive energy, and as always your generosity. dammit to me for NOT getting to sam's creek last summer (your winter).

  3. You ARE a generous soul Ronnie...and busy as well.

  4. i am inspired by your constant daily creations. this particular book is just lovely. i especially love the maps.
    it is so interesting to follow your blog, with your experiencing summer, while we in the states are having our winter weather.
    i am studying the coptic binding technique and trying to figure it out. i am curious how you chose encyclopedias as the basis for your work? it seems to me ingenious to incorporate all of that knowledge into transformed books!
    please stop by my blog sometime.

  5. Beautiful book, Ronnie, and a treasure to anyone lucky enough to have their name drawn out. You are incredibly generous, and I doubt if any of your readers need a gift, we all follow you for the joy of it.
    I've been thinking of you all day, worrying about how close the Bega fires are to you. Stay safe, you and your lovely family. This is a very difficult day in this wide brown land.

  6. i again want to get my name in for your generous offer. i hope that the dust storms are not affecting you.

  7. Beautiful
    Loved my little visit here


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx