Thursday, November 22, 2012


I've been making books for BookArtObject edition 4


I've stupidly put my hand up to complete 3 small editions 
as part of the latest BAO major project
so I thought I really SHOULD 'seize the day'
and get started with my edition 'carpe diem' ....

'carpe diem' is an edition of 12
with 2APs (which are slightly larger and slightly different)  

 the artist proofs have been completed 
 and tomorrow I'm hoping to case-in the 12 little books in the edition 
that will be posted out to BAO group 11 peeps
and after they have all been received I'll do the big reveal

oooo I hope everyone enjoys the small book
(its had a loooooong gestation period)



  1. This is very exciting news ronnie especially as I'm in group 11 and slowly working on my book for this group. The pictures look quite tantalising, can't wait to see it.

  2. These look very nice and lovely. I can't wait for the reveal.


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