Saturday, May 5, 2012


 earlier in the morn I took some pics as I fussed with things...

 under the eaves

in the studio...

 and in the garden...

then the hordes arrived...

and... welllllll I forget all about pictures!

big thanks to Cobargo P&C (foooooood) 

to Annie D (Cobargo Primary's amazing principal) 

my wonderful mum & dad 
(when one is having an open day its important to have clean windows.... so saith so doeth my parents!)

to everyone who came (yay to you!) 
most particularly to a couple of my dear *old* friends who travelled a stoooopidly long way
(kisses to you all)

and most of all (even though they don't ever read the blog) 
biggest love to Sass and EJ (who worked so hard for little kidlets...) 
and to Phil - without whose HUGE effort and support this wouldn't have happened 

it was a wonderful and memorable day.....


  1. So pleased you've had a wonderful day and that Sam's Creek Bookworks is now up and running. I was there with you in my thoughts.

  2. I am so glad you had a successful BIG opening day and still energy to post these wonderful shots!
    I was thinking of you and kept sending the most positive vibes. Congratulations!!!

  3. Sounds like it was a great success Ronnie. Congratulations! May you have many more days like that.

  4. Such a creative and energetic space you've created. Looks fabulous. Glad the weather was kind to you, good friends showed up and all your efforts were rewarded. I'm off to an opening with Jack Oudyn's & Helen Malone's works included today. Big weekend for BAOer's!

  5. It looks like it was a beautiful, mad rush of good things! A great result for all the efforts and a wonderful way to show and share. Well done!!

  6. Ronnie, sounds as though it was a great success! So pleased for you. I hope to make it next time.

  7. Very happy you had such a great day. Sam's Creek is now well and truly on the map.Well done Ronnie.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx