Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know I'm late posting this but.... a bit over a week ago,  I headed off (tick attached to neck) to the opening of Poppy Benton's solo stint at Narek...

 narek welcome dog...

 mmm big things...

 more big things...

little things
(I red-spot earmarked something on this table....)
Poppy calls the piece I picked 'fat stripe - skinny stripes'
(no that's not its arty title - just our conversational one)
I really like these little vessels - they are slightly elliptical, and have a pressed thumb mark in the side of each, which gives the little pieces a lovely feel in the hand.... 
I'm looking forward to bringing 'fat stripe - skinny stripes' home and making a nice cuppa)

the show is on until the end of may if you happen to be in these here parts



  1. Lovely pottery and it looks like a perfect atmosphere for the show!

  2. What lovely pieces, and I especially like the really, really big one. I think I'd find it hard to choose one of the little vessels - there are several I'd like to own.

  3. These took my breath away Ronnie...
    LOVE these!
    and wonderful photos too!

    also really appreciated your comments at Homage today... found a series of reasons to be bogging there... that last post...the ARTIST FARMER...of course... enormous connection for you! How utterly amazing that someone in the States connected all these dots in such a timely way!
    ps you keep making noises about it too ...gotta keep the message going round!

  4. Oooh!loverly! My fingers are itching tp get into some mud (well clay).

  5. Gorgeous pots! Sometimes I wish I hadn't given up pottery, but I couldn't top the impact of these. Love the bottles.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx