Wednesday, December 29, 2010

round up.....

ahhhhhh the final days of 2010 are upon us all...

Ecinacea purpurea (purple coneflower - from the garden this week) 

Right now I'm into day three of a 'juice fast' ... yep three days of juice, juice, juice (and nothing but the juice). I don't know how much purging the great juice fast is doing for my body - but it's certainly setting my mind spinning (wheeeee!) and I've been thinking about the year that's almost gone and pondering the year ahead....

gosh this past year has been a time of transition for us here at Sams Creek..... goodbye old dairy, hello monster building site.... goodbye beef herd, hello dairy girls.... goodbye drought,  hello again my beloved sams creek!

Indeed the end of the drought was possibly the highlight of a rather 'challenging' year.... but my other  favourite moments include the two weeks spent undertaking my Permaculture Design Certificate (after so many years of wanting and waiting.... it was a very special treat and a life- affirming course) and of course receiving all those bookbinding goodies!

But the best times were small moments shared with family and friends (our two kidlins are growing up soooooo fast!) 

Next year is looking like a monster.....  all the expected kids stuff, garden stuff and farm stuff (there's that new dairy to get operational in a few weeks time... eek)...  then I've got a solo exhibition in February, Sculpture on the Edge stuff in March, oh and of course I'm still supposed to doing that MFA/PhD (oops I've been neglecting this!)....

Shortly I'll show you all the Very Big Project that I'm working on..... (hint - keep the first Saturday in May free on your calendar)

Right now I'm starting to spin-out on an overload of orange juice (wheeee!) and I can feel my typing is about to take a turn for the worst....

For all of you who have followed along here, I send a very big TARRRR! Your support and comments have been much appreciated (and a whole mess of fun too!). 

I hope that you all have a blazingly rip-roaringly, fantabulishous 2011!!!!!

cheers from the creek x


  1. Are you sure that's straight OJ Ronnie??? I guess it's just a sugar buzz hey? Well merry new year to you too! xox

  2. Happy new year to you and yours too Ronnie. try and slow down a tad will ya please! you put me to shame. but seriously have loved trying to keep up, have a wonderful 2011. xo from jane.

  3. I'm thinking that juice diets are supposed to give you more energy but I don't think you need any more, Ronnie! I've really enjoyed earwigging on your blog and look forward to what next year brings... Happy New Year! Sara x

  4. It's been quite a year Ronnie - and you wouldn't have it any other way right?!?! Life is full and fabulous and there to be lived - enjoy! Best wishes for another brilliant year - shiny, crazy diamonds and all.


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