Monday, October 4, 2010

permaculture design certificate - day one....

 Day One of the Permaculture Design Certificate course commenced in misty rain at The Crossing out the back of Bermagui with a group of about 15 eager folk ready to soak up all the goodies the course is already delivering

here's the delightful strawbale learning centre where we will be spending a lot of "quality time' over the next 2 weeks...

the structure is currently getting an external addition of lovely pergola for outside gathering... and inside work is underway to install a commercial kitchen.... it's not quite ready for action yet but it will be interesting watching all this unfold while we undertake the course.

here's a look at the room (with solar panels just in view) from down the hill a little....

 I'll share more pics and stories from The Crossing and from some of the other places we will be visiting as part of certificate course a bit later on. But I must tell you about this fellow....

throughout the day the gander just below our classroom interjected with a solid bit of honking  - his girls are currently sitting on some clutches of eggs right now and we were warned to stay well clear!  I thought he was a handsome and obviously dedicated fellow - so on our quick tour of the place I snapped his pic.

Right now I'm really fizzing (like I thought would happen..... there's a lot to take in - including all the new faces...)  It's been a long, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable day - where the ethos and basic principles of permaculture were examined (and some mighty nice food was eaten!) I need to rest up for tomorrow - which will include basics of ecology, map reading, methods of design and climate......



  1. This is a great adventure to be following with you, Ronnie, a lot to be learned in two weeks. Your goose photo brings back memories of a childhood ruled by Cecil, a large and bossy gander.

  2. phew sounds like its going to be very intensive! good luck and have a great time.

  3. Sounds like a full on brain-blast but wow! What an adventure. I hope the map making was good - I love the idea of maps and marks and places...Enjoy!


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